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Analysts say that, over the last few years, the traffic arbitrage industry has been getting stronger and larger, showing an impressive 10% annual growth. This proves that it performs well and is pretty promising, so now’s the best time to jump in.

What is traffic arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage happens when the party buys traffic from a source and (through for example a landing page, banner ad, or native ad) redirects it to another, more expensive per click, one. It’s an opportunity to scale up and channel entirely new volumes of traffic to one offer.

This person redistributes traffic by buying it on one platform and selling it on another. Example: You bought traffic in Google Ads for $100 and sent it to a page with a flight ticket search form, which generates $120 in income. The difference in revenue – $20 – is the profit from the traffic arbitration.

What is OXY?

OXY is a company that makes money for investors (you) by doing exactly that. It employs many traffic arbitrage specialists that can make you a profit up to 55% monthly on the advertising traffic arbitrage.

Opened in 2022

OXY as a public company started to operate from September 2022. But before that, the team of the professional traffic arbitrageurs was successfully working with traffic arbitrage during 5 years. Now they allow all the partners to get profit together with them, using their experience.

try for free

You can try OXY with 50 dollars promo-code totally for free (just drop us an email).

Or you can invest from 50 USDT up to 25 000 USDT.

The road map

2022- the release of OXY online platform,

2023 – OXY cashback service,

2023 – Gambling platform OXY,

2024 – Affiliate SPA-network.

International company

OXY has 46 international employees living in Europe and Asia.

build your network and earn more

It’s possible to build partners network in OXY and get reward from 10 levels down

learn how to earn

If you want to study traffic arbitrage, you will be able to learn it in OXY.

OXY allows to earn without investments

When you join OXY with a promo code, you’ll get 50 dollars which will start working for you from the moment of its activation. These 50 dollars will be generating profit for you daily (except weekends). But you can withdraw this profit only when you invest your own 50 dollars minimum.

Many partners of OXY are earning a lot, using these possibility today. Because they checked how this system is working by activating the 50$ promo code and after this they invested their own money and started to get the passive income.

But if some people do not have even 50$ to invest they can start earning here without investments. How does it work?

After activation the promo code you get your referral link and you can start sharing it.
When people join the system using your referral link, some of them will start investing.
When they start investing you get the percentage from their profit. And these money are available, you can withdraw it or reinvest even without your own initial investments. This is amazing tool for everyone, where we can earn big money even without our own investments.

So decide for yourself:

– to invest and to get passive income or
– to build the team and get income without even 1 cent invested!

Case of €12,000 income:

Case of €26,500 income:

Case of €43,000 income:

Case of €45,000 income:

Join The Ride

Drop us an email and we’ll send you a free $50 promo code, so you can try OXY for free.

We will not spam you. We promise.

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