- (according to definitions found in literature)
Represents an assemblage of human-machine with partial artificial intelligence, with prostheses and artificial organs which, if they become damaged, can be replaced through the organ bank.

- (from the encyclopedia)
a CYBernetic ORGanism, a combination of human and machine the result of the advance of technology in the 20th century, especially in cybernetic science.

- (film)
New human whose body functions and some motor functions have been enhanced. Great specter of possibilities for the replacement of organ functions (i.e. implantation of biochips, reinforced sensors, prosthetic additions).


Visitor 3724
Half human half robot

Visitor 3723
a conscious computer.

Visitor 3722
An cybernetic Organism

Visitor 3721
A cohesive being of robotic make and genetic design.

Visitor 3720
cross between man and machine

Visitor 3719
a human made synthetically.

Visitor 3718
the future

Visitor 3717
more than an android, but the same as a human

Visitor 3716
The perfect balance between man and machine.

Visitor 3715
a fake personage

Visitor 3714
human and robot

Visitor 3713
part computer part human

Visitor 3712

Visitor 3711
Being with both organic and biomechatronic parts.

Visitor 3710
digital me

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