- (according to definitions found in literature)
Represents an assemblage of human-machine with partial artificial intelligence, with prostheses and artificial organs which, if they become damaged, can be replaced through the organ bank.

- (from the encyclopedia)
a CYBernetic ORGanism, a combination of human and machine the result of the advance of technology in the 20th century, especially in cybernetic science.

- (film)
New human whose body functions and some motor functions have been enhanced. Great specter of possibilities for the replacement of organ functions (i.e. implantation of biochips, reinforced sensors, prosthetic additions).


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what is part oF robot

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mix of human and robot

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a cyborg is a being either wholly organic, or wholly mechanical that has human likenesses such as in physical traits or personality

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a half man and half computer

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a half man and half computer

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I am

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For a long time I thought it is a connection between man and machine; a human which increases his/her powers by adding mechanical parts to the body. Nowadays I would say almost everybody is a cyborg - a human addicted to his/her mobile, not capable of living without it any more. Eyes glued to the screen, always texting...

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Human with robotic body parts

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Half elf half human

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It's a mix between the life creature and the machine. It have the consciousness of the life creature, but it's body is fully or partly mechanical.

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